SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) deNOx catalyst is a high surface area, extruded catalyst. ECS has the ability to provide either a base metal or zeolite catalyst in honeycomb or pellet form.


ECS offers high performance NSCR (Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst for the abatement of NOx, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons emissions from tail gas exhaust between 400-1400°F.


ECS provides a highly efficient catalyst for the abatement of N2O from a process flue gas. ECS can deliver a full tertiary system along with associated ASME high pressure vessel fabrication and compliance analyzers. A typical catalyst installation will reduce N2O in excess of 95%.


ECS has the ability to provide full design and engineering to fulfill all of your fabrication requirements. Our process equipment meets all recognized code specifications and industry standards including ASME, AWS, API, TEMA, and National Board.