The roots of ECS began in 1970 in the laboratory of Englehard where the original founder, Radmil Smojver was one of the engineers that helped pioneer the 3-Way catalyst, later known as NSCR (Non Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst. 

In 1978, as NSCR technology matured and process applications were developed, ECS (Emission Control Systems) was founded. After numerous successful years of catalyst development and production, the company was purchased by PGP. In 1989 a new company was born known as EnProSol and unlike other manufacturers, EnProSol took this opportunity to primarily focus on NOx abatement for the Nitric Acid Industry.

This focus helped make EnProSol an industry leader for NOx abatement in the Nitric Acid industry. In 2013 is was decided that ECS (Environmental Catalytic Systems) was a name change that better reflected it product and service offerings.

In addition to providing NOx reduction catalyst, both SCR and NSCR, ECS expanded its business to include N2O abatement, Vessel/Basket design and fabrication along with CEMS/Analyzer procurement and installation.